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Are you anxious, worried, over-stressed and have difficulty falling and staying asleep?

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This is the only sleep without pills solution proven to work within 4 minutes by world renowned deep relaxation expert, Dr. William G. Collins


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The Alpha Waves One™ Stress Relief CD

Beautiful solo harp music

The Alpha Waves One™ CD is Simply the easiest, least expensive, safest, most beautiful way to go from over-stressed and anxious to deeply relaxed in four minutes. It is the most effective, most widely used and praised relaxation CD available. Over 10,000 in use. Nothing else compares.



Janet tried everything

"I tried everything under the sun. Finally I've found one item that has helped me enormously... it is this CD. It just relaxes you in very short order and the music is just so beautiful."


The Alpha Waves One™

Beautiful Solo Harp Stress Relief CD


will release you into

deep relaxation within four minutes!


with no effort


With relief from unhealthy stress and anxiety,

and after good night's sleep, you have ...


This beautiful comforting music is performed by









founder of

The Scientific Arts Foundation


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Amy's Magic

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The Alpha Waves One™ CD has been


Scientifically tested and proven


to bring listeners to

an Alpha Waves State

of deep relaxation within four minutes


by Dr. William G. Collins


world authority on stress reduction



"In treating patients with excessive stress or hypertension, I've been using your solo harp CD with dramatic results. I've been comparing various types of music with this solo harp CD, and in every case the level of relaxation as measured by the increase in the alpha wave frequency is greater when this CD is used."


"QEEG studies show a substantial increase in alpha wave activity and a reduction in beta wave activity in people listening to this music within four minutes. This combination of factors will bring you into deep relaxation very quickly."


Dr. William G. Collins, Ph.D.
B.S. & M.S. in Clinical Psychology

Board Certified Neurotherapist

Member EEG & Clinical Neuroscience Society

Member International Society for Neuronal Regulation


Dr. Collins is a clinical member of the following organizations:

American Psychological Association

Missouri Psychological Association

Biofeedback Certification Institute of America

International Society for Neurofeedback and Research

EEG and Clinical Neuroscience Society



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Important notes.


 CAUTION: Do not play The Alpha Waves One™ CD while driving.


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 CAUTION: Do not play The Alpha Waves One™ CD while driving.


The Alpha Waves One™ CD

Relax, sleep well, and enjoy your day.

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