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  The Alpha Waves One™

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What does Art and Science and specific music have to do with relaxation, sleep, and the immune system ?


The Science

The effects of listening to the Alpha Waves One CD have been tested in the laboratory by Dr. William D. Collins.


Dr. Collins is member of the EEG & Clinical Neuroscience Society and the International Society for Neuronal Regulation. He has a B.S. & M.S. in Clinical Psychology.


In addition to his degrees and credentials, Dr. Collins has been in practice for 25 years in the St. Louis area as a therapist, consultant and trainer and he is considered an innovative expert in establishing the relationship between influencing brainwave activity and achieving relaxation and sleep.


Dr. Collins reports:


"In all cases, QEEG studies of listeners to The Alpha Waves One CD show a dramatic increase in alpha wave and a substantial reduction in the beta wave activity within four minutes. This combination of factors calms the brain, resulting in a state of deeper relaxation."

QEEG brainwave activity from listening to this CD was detected, recorded, and certified on a Lexicor 1620 QEEG machine by
Dr. Collins.


Dr. Collins is currently working with the Scientific Arts Foundation in a study to determine the effects of listening to specific music in the recovery of patients undergoing medical treatment.


The benefits of stress reduction in the maintenance and the improvement of one's health have been shown time and again in hundreds of studies conducted by scientists in numerous disciplines.



However, The Alpha Waves One™ Alphawaves Certified™ CD is more than a CD which will help you relax and de stress quickly and easily. It is a beautiful solo harp performance by world class musician, Amy Camie. Amy's music comes from the heart, as does all great art. The adopted child of musical parents, she has been playing the harp since she was ten.


When Amy created this CD, and saw how it helped bring peace to a sick friend, she was inspired to explore how much more her music might do in bringing peace and relaxation to all of us.


It is Amy's belief, and there is developing scientific data to support this, that certain types of music can have a beneficial effect on our health way beyond what most scientists have previously imagined.


Because Amy's mission is to continue to discover and show the beneficial effects of music in more scientific terms, and share the results with the world, she founded The Scientific Arts Foundation, which, along with the relaxation effects of certain types of music, is currently studying the effects of music on the immune system.


Please send us your email address and we'll keep you posted on the availability of other scientifically based Health Music CD's.


The science of the The Alpha Waves One™ CD is important, but remember that The Alpha Waves One™ CD is beautiful music that you will enjoy immensely, and playing it at bedtime will help you relax and sleep.


But Here's a Tip


Most people who play The Alpha Waves One™ CD at bedtime never hear very much of it. So if you want to hear all of this beautiful music, play it in the day time.


But even then, for safety reasons, don't play The Alpha Waves One™ CD while driving.







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The Alpha Waves One™ CD

Relax, sleep well, and enjoy your day.

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